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 want send a "Thank You" to Sandy Hayes, who has been our insurance "rock" ever since we moved from California to Texas over six years ago. She has helped us keep our insurance affordable, while ensuring the right coverage that meets our needs. I am very impressed with the integrity and core values that Sandy and Karen Ehlers Insurance Agency represent.

I want send a "Thank You" to Sandy Hayes, who has been our insurance "rock" ever since we moved from California to Texas over six years ago. She has helped us keep our insurance affordable, while ensuring the right coverage that meets our needs. I am very impressed with the integrity and core values that Sandy and Karen Ehlers Insurance Agency represent.

Always helpful and keeping us up to date on everything.
Sarah Harvey
Justin was great to work with! He was quick and efficient on getting me a lower quote and then getting my previous policy canceled and my new one started. Thank you for saving my family money.
Kristi Miller
You have always made things easy and worked to get us the cheapest insurance prices.
Becca Goodwin
Ehlers Insurance is fabulous.  They treat me like family.  I feel you always have my best interest in mind.  They shop products, are quick to answer the phone and respond to questions.  I am so appreciative of what they do for me regarding getting the best insurance at the best rates.
Kathleen Denton
I like that my agents know me and my family, and they are always available. They are also so friendly whenever I have questions. Brian and Nancy are the best!!
Mark Wilson
Your help in controlling cost  and quick response to questions.
Deborah Noel
Our agent, Justin Runnels is always available and responsive to our inquiries.  His is most helpful in taking care of our insurance needs.
Ada Brandemuehl
Doing business with Karen is like doing business with family. Always available and dependable. Karen’s writes all my coverage on cars , homes ,and commercial properties.
John Johnson
They are very helpful and continue to find great policies each year.

Friendly and well informed
Donna Blount
Awesome customer service.  Justin was amazing found us the best insurance with great savings

Attentive to my questions and requirements and friendly followup on what I needed to provide for you.
Duane Kay
Justin has done a fantastic job of finding us  competitive rate quotes on multiple policies!  Justin is a pleasure to work with and we truly appreciate his prompt assistance!  I have already referred your agency to a close friend in a similar situation to my own.  Thanks again for all your help!
David Vaughan
Process was quick and easy but most importantly you saved me money!!
Donna Head
Service is excellent.  I would recommend this agency to my friends.  They are very responsive and helpful.
Carmen Martin
Always great service!  Quick response to any questions.  Found a product for me that had broader coverage and a more competitive price.
Janice Grygar
You made an extra effort to  shop around until we had the right cost.  We like your agency because  your clients interest comes first, and that is very important to us.
Richard Brandt
Never have had to call you to make a claim, thank goodness. Appreciate your yearly attentiveness to renew our policies. We always feel covered. Thanks again.

I appreciate the knowledge and assistance given each year.
Elaine Hurvitz
We always receive very courteous, friendly and prompt attention from your office.  It is a pleasure to do business with you and your staff.  I have and will continue to refer my friends to your agency.

Responsive and Caring
Randal Hill
Karen Ehlers does a great job of shopping policies and always gives us options. They take the time to explain why one policy may or may not be as good as another. They also contact us periodically to determine whether our insurance needs may have changed.
Karl Park
Always answer calls

The service I have received always makes me feel as though you are my personal insurance agent. The attention to mine and my families needs is always top notch.

I feel like my best interest was the top priority.  I have never had this experience with any other insurance company!
Debbie Graef
Working with Adolph Ojeda for the last few years and he is always available and helpful in explaining and answering my questions.
Jeffrey Langemeier
Every time I’ve needed any help or had a question Brian, Karen, and Sandy have gone above and beyond to make sure I’m taken care of. I appreciate them

Always there when you need them, prompt service, they go above and beyond to find the best rates.

Brian and Nancy are always courteous and prompt.

For the many years I have used your agency you have always found me through research the best rates for my insurance needs thank you

Very nice people, understanding the customer needs in an efficient manner
Paulo Balochini
Excellent customer service
Dolores Merlos
Very efficiently shopped for good coverage for our home and automobiles.  Always return my calls and answer questions.

You keep in touch at renewal times.  Always easy to reach and helpful.  Save us money! 

Prompt at returning calls!
Richard Dial
Friendly and courteous customer service.  Also, quick response(s) to phone calls and/or emails.  They find the best rates as well.

You found the best Insurance for me and have stayed on top of this and I appreciate that so much.Sandra is very easy to talk to.

You are on top with updated information; I have referred couple of friends and they are all being helped.

Responsive knowable staff.

    You seem to care about the insurance you provide me and  try to get the best price for me!

The staff at Ehlers has always listened to my needs and fulfilled them with quality companies. I have never had an issue with any suggestion of insurance providers. The claims I have had have always been handled professionally and without an issue. I highly recommend Ehlers for all your insurance needs for home, cars, boats, Riv and etc.

Karen Ehers Insurance agents has always been available to answer my car insurance (ex. when my daughter passed away what was my best option for her car since it was not been driven).
They also help provide for my house insurance (ex. this years policy had some changes that I didn’t understand,so after my discussion I knew what changes I needed to make) 

You and your teem worked with me hand-in-hand when I needed my roof replaced, and then again when it came time to redo my insurance this year to make it the right fit for me. Thank you

I love the friendly personal service!

I couldn't be more pleased.  The service is outstanding, prompt, courteous and extremely trustworthy.  i would highly recommend Karen & Brian to anyone looking for first class service, honesty and integrity.

handled my policy renewal before time to renew so I had options to make changes in time to keep coverage, answers phone or calls back promptly

To Whom!!!
  When I first contacted the Agency, I was routed to Mr. Brian Ehlers, immediately he was very personnel and helpful. He, the Agency, saved me quite a bit more of $$$. I put two trucks, our home and motorcycle with KEIA.
  The next year Brian even save me several hundred dollars more.
I believe that I'll be with this agency for quite some time.
Bill L.

Your Company is a great Insurance Company. The reason I think so is that you look out for my needs. If it is home insurance or car insurance you take the extra mile to check with all of your contacts to get me the lowest and best rates that I will need. Then you let me know what is the best you can offer me. Thank you so much.

Staying in touch.  Keeping me informed to better insurance opportunities as they arrive.. Educating me during the processes I am unfamiliar with.

Good service for several years. Thanks Kirby Mills


You all are always available to answer questions. There is nothing more frustrating than to not be able to reach someone right now when you need them. This is number one for us. Thank you for that. You always work for our best interests.

We feel that the representatives at Ehlers Insurance make it their priority to ensure our Insurance needs are addressed in our best interests.

The staff has always been very courteous and helpful in finding us insurance or adding vehicles to our insurance.

Karen Ehlers Insurance Agency is honest,caring and there when you need them.

Karen and her staff are always friendly, courteous and available to help assist with all of my needs.  They always do it with a friendly smile, I appreciate all they do for me.

save me a lot of money and very good people to work with thank you

Great people to work with for all insurance needs.

Sandy is always available to me when I call. She answers all my questions readily and helps me pay my premiums online. I love your customer service.

You ask the right questions. You are very quick to respond to emails and phone calls.

I appreciate the timely service and research amongst policy issuers so we get the best price. I've dealt with Ehlers for many years.

Customer service is Awesome
They respond quickly with answers to questions
Very competitive rates

Excellent customer service!

Communication is important to me and your agency is great with COMMUNICATION!!

Karen, you and your staff are very friendly and responsive. I especially appreciate the extra help/advise last year when my house flooded. Also I like that you shop for the lowest insurance prices. I feel you have my best interest as a priority.

always a pleasure too talk to & get the best prices on insurances

Easy to work with, great follow up.

Excellent communication and professionalism in a prompt and courtesy manner. 

Your friendliness and knowledge in knowing what we need and can afford. We just love Brian.

We are  confident that you always review and find the best insurance policy for us each year both for coverage and cost.

Always feel like we get the service we want and need.

Thank you for saving us money on our home and auto insurance! Your level of customer service is amazing! I’m thankful I took the time to switch to you! Our insurance bill dropped to almost half because of you and we have even better coverages! I’m Never ever leaving you so please don’t quit me.

You are always thoughtful and courteous to us.

Everyone is very easy to deal with and never had any issues with getting answers for question or advise about insurance.

Your company is so efficient in keeping your customers informed of renewals I know my policies won’t lapse!!!

Responsive, professional and competitive

Justin was so helpful, he answered all my questions. He offered suggestion on the coverage I should have  and why I needed it.  

So thankful to all help to be continue my house and car with Karen Ehlers Insurance thank you for you time to help to renew all my Insurance

Justin is a great  professional agent and handles my policies very well. I appreciate him taking care of my insurance.
Joe Short
We have been customers for two years now and you have found us great prices for both home and auto insurance.  Service is excellent and any inquiries are promptly answered.  We couldn't ask for anything more.

Friendly, efficient service!  Love the fact that you review it annually and make suggestions for saving money.
Judith Garrett
Made the process of getting insurance easy.  Rates from last year to this year were close to the same which is good.
David Klatxkin
You ALWAYS remind me when I have forgotten to make a payment so that I don’t lose coverage.  Lifesavers!!
Robert Killion
Always shopping for the best rate.  Customer service is unmatched by any agent or company Ive ever dealt with.
Heather Mobley
Karen Elhers Insurance Agency keeps us informed and responds to calls in a timely manner. Thank you!
Brandy Marshall
Keeping us informed of the process and providing the best support possible

I love the way you contact us each year and rebid our insurance to get us the best possible rates. I refer are you at every opportunity. Thanks for all you do for our County!
Cynthia Hinson
You were the only one that took the time to help me with getting mobile home insurance because it seemed like nobody wanted to help.  I was very pleased with the assistance I received from you.

You have made an effort to keep our payments affordable...…. as we are in our 60's we are approaching fixed incomes so that is paramount to us.
Valerie Whaley
Staff is always courteous and professional. They always do right for the customer. It is a pleasure doing business with you.
Sharon Lievens
I like that you handle various insurance agencies; that provides me with comparisons for cost shopping each company that you handle. 
Because I am on a fixed income it is very important to get the best possible price.
Your agency personnel are proactive to notify me with comparisons for each six month premium in order to make the best decision for my upcoming policy. The method used is to notify me that it is time; they provide the comparison costs in same email and I will usually follow up with a call for update.
That has been the routine going on several years and it works for me.

We’ve been working with Barbara for a long time and she’s always prompt and professional when helping us!
Matthew Pemberton
you are very competitive  in your quoting and taken care of us for years
John Mardel
Good price(value) and excellent follow through on my minor insurance need.  You would have never known it was such a tiny policy (golf car).  Thanks to the agency!

Great service!
Thomas Duoto
Karen Ehlers is the BEST
Michael Yarotsky
Very kind and considerate representative.
Bill Lowrie
Low rates, low hassle, transparency, customer support and service
Justin Haecker
My calls and questions are always answered immediately! Also, everyone is so positive and cheerful as they go way above and beyond to assist. They are also very patient with dumb questions or answering the same question over and over! I highly recommend Karen Ehlers Insurance Agency!

I found the company to be very helpful in finding a very reasonable insurance company for insurance

Rates have been competitive and always do what you say.

You always seem to look out for my interests and work very hard to save me money.
Ken Reel
Very good agency, good and respectful representatives, they strive for the best to take care of their clients to find the best price and quality insurance. I would love to give them 5 stars for their services.

Quick and friendly service.  Customer service is always something that ranks high on our list and Karen Ehlers Insurance delivers!

good  rates & very efficient
Mariyln Underwood
The insurance companies you offered to us have proven to cover us as needed.

Family owned ... cant go wrong with these folks , They shop for the best price for you . If you ever have a problem , just call and speak with a real person . no pushing 1 for English 2 for ......... I am a Valued customer and they treat me as such . 
Susan King
You were extremely helpful trying to get me a lower rate on my car insurance and I felt you went beyond the usual and really took your time with me.  I really appreciate it very much.
Sandra Heath
Your just good people ,work with us , and always nice and easy to work with
John Collier
Friendly staff and quick response to questions.  Helping me find the best company  for my needs.
Carolyn Backen
Keeping us alert on pending payments and shopping rates and coverage.  Like the property documentation service on CD as well.

Whenever we have a need or a question Brian is always available to answer or explain, we’ve been doing business together for over 30 years.  It’s great to know your always there for us.
Allen Roberts
Keeping the prices down with good coverage

Great customer service
Stacie Frerichs
Whenever we have had an accident/incident with our vehicles you guys have always been there to answer our questions and help out with the claim process.  We know we can always count on your team.

I like the quick follow-through and simple format of how the agency relationship works: 1. I can ask the staff any question and get a real answer 2. I have specific choices to make or specific tasks to perform as outlined by the email or phone call which are minimal, and the agency does the rest, every time.  3. I get a clear explanation of what to expect in each situation of concern, and I trust that information. 4. The agent for 20 years is consistent and integrous as a business.

I feel you have my interest in mind: you recently voluntarily shopped around and found a much less expensive coverage which nrought significant savings.
Herbon Hemans
1. Responsive to our questions/inquiries
2. Truely shopped the market to get us a lower rate.

You have my interest at heart. You look for the best policies for my needs. Thanks

The agency contacts us at renewal time to review our policy. They quickly resond to all inquiries.

I really like the way you search for the best services at the lowest price. That's why I refer business to you.

Karen Ehlers' team has not only shopped around and found the lowest cost for us, but when we had a difficult claim, they were right by our side helping us through the process.  They made what could have been an extremely stressful situation into very simple step-by-step process, which helped me sleep at night.  I highly recommend them!

You are very helpful and answer questions veryproffiosnal

I just feel very at home with Justin as my insurance agent.  I feel as though he looked into my insurance needs as though they were his own, and gave us options and then told us what he would do if he were us. If someone with knowledge of the industry and tells you a good deal, you listen. More than a salesman, but someone I felt like actually cared about me as a client.

Great prices, great service.

The few times I have compared rates with other companies, your rates always are the lowest for the same coverage.

Customer service is great! I always feel like you guys are trying to get me the best deal for my bundled multiple car/home insurance each year when it is time to renew

We appreciate the way you shop around to get us the best deal out there for our situation.

You were very attentive to my accounts. Quick response and on top of things. I was impressed with your service.

Brian Ehlers is absolutely the Best!!! Second to NONE!!

Take the worry of insurance shopping off me. Thanks for doing that job for me!

Easy to do business with. Very helpful office staff.

Everybody is very helpfull and patient  dealing with a82 year old..They do and explain what’s Best in price and coverage for me.

The Ehlers group is prompt in their responses and take care of everything!

I really appreciate that you guys do all the hunting around and let me know the best policy out there for me.  I have recommended you to several people who also like this benefit.

Always responsive and take care of business!

Great customer service, they will give you their best advice, you are in good hands

Adolph Ojeda has been especially helpful and made the transition to new coverage very easy.  I will be happy to recommend him and your agency to anyone seeking help with their insurance needs.

I saved $800 on auto insurance

Always available, attentive and professional. Always a good interaction.

Karen and her team are always available for questions, documents, and effective communication! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for friendly help.

Always very helpful

You have always been very helpful and return calls promptly.  I have recommended you several times to friends and family.

I chose this agency in order to shop around for the cheapest rates. They ended up saving me quite a bit of money. As soon as I called them they had me answers within a few hours. We ended up deciding to switch and the process was quick and easy. Would recommend this agency for anyone looking to save money on insurance

You always look each year for the best price/coverage rather than simply renewing our existing policies without any check. Blind renewal is.what our old agency did and that  is why we left them..

Customer service and availability are always top-notch.

Very down to earth and understanding people. Your team works hard and getting us the best and cheapest insurance we can get. Thank you

Your Customer service is extremely professional and at the same time caring. 

Good products to offer at the price point and value we were looking for; attention to detail; excellent personalized attention.

Carrying on a family tradition. ....  Been with your agency since 1988 when your dad was running things. You have definitely keep up the pace....  THANKS

Your staff has always been good to us with our needs and have told others about you agency . They have moved there business to be with you . Thank you for your service to us .

I am so happy that I switched to Ehler's Insurance two years ago. Not only did I save a lot of money, but my agent went way beyond my expectations in explaining my options and his patience in answering all my questions. Then, when renewal came up last year, I was contacted with an update on coverage and more options to save money on my coverage. I really appreciate the outstanding customer service! I tend to not shop around for insurance coverage and stay with the same company for years. With Ehler's, they shop for me and give me the best rates and options each year to switch to the best provider for my needs and lowest rates. I feel very fortunate to have found Ehler's insurance and the outstanding customer service. My agent, Adolph Ojeda, is the best!

Karen and her team is just fabulous! 10 stars to them!
If you are looking for a superb agent to deal with your insurance needs, your search can end right here. You found them.
Karen - thanks for your exceptional customer service, your tenacious processing and attending to detail needs and your comprehensive approach to finding your customers the best deals to cover their needs.
I wish every service was like yours - that would have been fantastic!

Karen Ehlers and her people always have my interests in mind when dealing with me, including price. If you want to do business with a company that looks out for you, then get you insurance products from Ehlers Insurance because they will not disappoint.

Ehlers Insurance group saved us a huge amount of money over State Farm, we had been with them over 30 years, and all we could count on was yearly increases in premium. Now we got savings plus reduced premium in our 2nd year with Ehlers. Recommend them

Very happy with Karen Ehlers Insurance agency and their continual dedication in making sure we have the best coverage within our budget every year.

Your agency continues to shop for the best deal every year. When I did have a claim you were very helpful in explaining what would happen. I have recommended your agency in the past and will continue to do so

We switched to Karen Ehlers Insurance about 5 or 6 years ago when our 30 some year State Farm agent elected to retire and give up his business. I knew we had been paying too much for many years, but the agent was a good friend and we really don't like to switch around on items like insurance. Once friendship was no longer an issue, we decided to give Karen a try. One of my friends had used her agency and was happy. The result is that we have saved a significant amount of money and have many more options relating to the insurance market. Karen or someone on her staff is always available to answer questions when issues arise. I particularly like that they provide me with various options each year, even if I elect to stay with the current carrier. We couldn't be happier and highly recommend this agency.

Thank you for always providing excellent customer service and the assurance we are protected should the need arise. Brian is rock-solid and a real professional. Thanks for taking the time to explain the policy features and recommendations for our family. In an era of diminishing customer service it is a pleasant surprise to deal with a company dedicated to maintaining valuable relationships. Keep up the great work!

I have been working with Brian for almost 10 years now. He has been my family’s agent for even longer. I highly admire his work ethic and communication! He is very kind and looks out for the best for his clients. I appreciate all of his hard work!! Thanks again for all that you do.

I couldn't be more pleased with Karen Ehlers Insurance! Brian is very knowledgeable about insurance and thoroughly reviewed all of our insurance needs to make sure we are taken care of if disaster strikes! I know he has our best interest at heart and I finally feel we are in good hands! He was a pleasure to work with too! I am telling all of my friends and family about him! The same coverage costs less than $600/year than we had previously!

I can not express how great Karen and her staff have been. Karen literally saved me 3000.00 dollars a year between auto and home insurance. I was ignorant on how insurance works, the difference between having an agent looking out for your best interest has been amazing. She explained everything in layman's terms and not only saved me money but my policies are better than what I had. Thank you Karen for your professionalism and caring .

The Ehlers Team makes insurance easy and painless. Sandy Hayes, in particular, provides top shelf service. She is quick and responsive and answers all my dumb questions. ;-)
Sure glad these folks have my and my family's back!

My homeowners insurance was increasing every year. I asked for recommendations on a neighborhood blog for independent insurance agency. The Karen Ehlers agency was by far the most recommended agency. Justin the agent at the Karen Ehlers agency was able to reduce my homeowner insurance by almost $1500 while keeping my coverage the same. He did all the work and all I had to do was electronically sign the forms. Never had to make a trip to the agency.

<g-review-stars style="padding-right: 7px;"></g-review-stars> As a first time home buyer, I had many questions and concerns about home owners insurance. What I really liked about Ehlers is that they did the shopping around for me. Sandy Hayes was amazing in answering all of my questions and explaining my policy to me in great detail. She even worked with me outside of the normal 8-5 hours as work has been crazy for me. Not to mention, she was able to get me a great plan at a reasonable price with out compromising coverage! I have already referred a couple friends to her and will continue to do so in the future.

Switched to Ehlers after 15+ years with Liberty Mutual and couldn't be happier. Karen and Brian saved us over $1,500/yr. on home & auto!! Thanks for the excellent service.

I switched last year and Ehlers saved me $900 a year with the exact same carrier and coverage as I had before with another agency. The are great with communication and customer service. I referred my sister and she is saving $1,800 a year for her coverage. I highly recommend this locally owned family business.- Trudy Foos, in Walden

Karen did a wonderful job for my wife and me. She was able to come up with new homeowners and auto insurance and got basically the same coverage we had, but a much lower cost

The best of the best are with Karen Ehlers Insurance...with them for years and as long as I own something to insure i will be with them...

Dealing with multiple insurance companies and comparing quotes is always a challenge, but Ehlers Insurance has made this process as painless as possible. My experience with Brian and staff has been outstanding and their prices exceed the big insurance names, with same or better coverage!

Great rates saved us hundreds of dollars on our homeowners for same coverages!

Very easy to work with. Saved me a bunch of money$$$ on my homeowners and car insurance.

I just switched my home insurance and saved over $400 per year! Adolph was very responsive, quick and provided great customer service! I will definitely be referring friends, family and clients!

I have been using Karen for our insurance needs for two years now and we have definitely saved money. Also, she offers great customer service and knowledge. I highly recommend her! I have referred my family and friends to this agency!

Charisse has been helping us with all of our insurance needs for years now. She is very helpful and personable. Always gets us set up right away. Thank you!

Great agency. Brian has been exceptional in every way! I had some complicated insurance issues and he took care of everything in the utmost professional manner.....and..... saved me $$ as well! I highly recommend Ehlers Insurance Agency!

Karen just saved me over $600 a year for my auto insurance and $1000.00 a year for my home owners insurance. Karen is awesome and you should give her a call to see what she can save for you!!!!
Mr. Davis Conroe, Texas.

Thank you Charisse and all the staff in the agency for your great service. I highly recommend this agency.

Our insurance agent for many, many years! God has blessed us with Karen and crew!

Karen just saved us on auto & home premiums 
She is quick, courteous & informative, above all, she managed to save us lots of money. Thanks Karen. 

I am so happy I called Charisse today! She helped me save bunches of $ on my homeowners and auto insurance rates! Why spend more $ than necessary? Thank you so much!

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