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Did you know on the back of your Texas Driver’s License there is a toll-free number for motorists to contact for non-emergency roadside assistance. If you are broke down you can call them and they will send an officer to you for safety. Most local police departments have a trained officer that can help unlock your vehicle if you lock your keys in car. READ MORE >>

Have you ever wondered why you are charged a Motor Vehicle Crime Prevention Fee on your Auto Policy? Previously the fee was $2.00 however starting September 1, 2019 the fee has been increased to $4.00. Texas Legislature Raises Auto Theft Fee to $4 READ MORE >>

*TRIVIA TUESDAY* If a 🚗 is broken into & personal property is stolen, is there coverage under an 🚗 policy?   Answer:  This was a tricky question. Generally, most renters/homeowners policies would be the policy to provide coverage subject to your deductible. READ MORE >>

    **TRIVIA TUESDAY**   If a live tree falls on your neighbors fence, who's responsible? A) Neighbor B) You           Answer: Your Neighbor would be responsible for fixing/repairing his own damage. As long as the tree is alive then its considered an act of god. READ MORE >>

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